WILUS Inc. awarded Young IP Pioneers Award

WILUS Inc. was selected and awarded as the Young IP Pioneers Award by the Presidential council on Intellectual Property. The Young IP Pioneers Award is given to organizations and individuals that encourage the development, protection, utilization and commercialization of IP.


WILUS Inc. participates in ‘Seminar for Standardization for IOT Connectivity’

Woo Jin Anh from WILUS Inc. attended the ‘Seminar for Standardization for IOT Connectivity’ hosted by the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), Anh gave talks on Standardization phases for 'IEEE 802.11ba’.

Schedule for the seminar is attached below (In Korean)


WILUS Inc. selected as top 4 standardization firm

WILUS Inc. was selected as one of the top 4 standardization firms, in recognition of the first SME to register their technology as standard portfolio. More information can be found in the links below.

http://www.dt.co.kr/contents.html?article_no=2017071902109960049006 http://www.etnews.com/20170719000334


WILUS Inc.’s researcher nominated as member for 5G STC

Min Suk Noh from WILUS Inc. was nominated as a member of the 5G STC under the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA). The 5G STC is the team in charge of 5G-related standardization. More information can be found in the links below.



Dominating audio experience with 3D Audio- G’Audio Lab, Inc. aiming for becoming the Dolby of VR audio

Hyunh oh Oh from G’Audio Lab, Inc. had an interview with Chosun Business, one of the largest press in Korea, on their 3D VR audio content. More information can be found in the link below.