Wireless-VR Solutions


Most of the existing virtual reality systems still rely on High Specification PC to send immersive contents to the headset at low latency. Everyone agrees that a dangling cable is not only annoying, but is also an immersion detractor.

Cloud-based Wireless VR solution enables users to experience VR without owning a high-spec computer. This solution utilizes hi-spec computer in the cloud to generate and stream VR content to VR HMD client.


Wireless-VR solution brings these capabilities to the users to enjoy VR:

  • More immersive VR experience without any movement restrictions due to attached cable
  • Reduce efforts to setup VR systems
  • All complex processes are done at the server side
  • No high specification PC required

Our Solutions

WILUS is providing cloud-based wireless VR solutions that can run on VR Head Mount Displays from various manufacturers without the need for high-specification PCs and complex installations, with the following features:

Low Latency

Utilizing head motion prediction and client side post-processing


Utilizing cloud service for Wireless-VR streaming solutions

Video Coding Optimization

Determining the best codec parameter settings to stream VR content over network