Contribution to TTA on Trends of VVC Standardization – ICT STANDARD WEEKLY

Ju-hyung Son from WILUS Inc. made a contribution to the ICT Standard Weekly published by the telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), on the issue of standardization phases of VVC (Versatile Video Codec).

WILUS Inc. is actively participating in standardization for MPEG-I (ISO/IEC 23090) Video (Part 3 VVC) and Audio (Part 1, 2, 4) to support hyper-reality/hyper-quality content. This is following their success of adopting their technology as MPEG-H 3D Audio standards (ISO/IEC 23008-3).

His work can be found in the link below:

TTA ICT Standard Weekly [제918호] 차세대 비디오 코덱 VVC (Versatile Video Codec) 표준화

Posted in MPEG on Mar 25, 2019