Multi-AP Solutions


Depending upon the size and materials of a structure, single AP solutions are often not sufficient enough to cover the whole space with excellent Wi-Fi coverage. Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ networks employ multiple access points that work together to form a unified network, that provides smart and efficient Wi-Fi throughout home and outdoor settings.


Wi-Fi EasyMesh brings these capabilities to home and office Wi-Fi networks:

  • Flexible design that allows unrestricted placement of multiple APs for extended coverage
  • Easy setup of automatic device onboarding and configuration
  • Self-organizing and self-optimizing network to maximize performance
  • Effective load balancing that make clients to roam to the best connection and avoid interference

Our Solutions

WILUS is providing our solution on top of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s EasyMesh (Multi-AP) specification that can run on various chipset manufacturers’ Access Point platforms with the following features:

Zero-touch Onboarding

User-friendly easy onboarding of new Multi-AP onboarding

Smart Client Steering

Proactively collects network information and always provide the best connections to clients

Automatic Topology Recovery

More flexible time-frequency structure