5G LTE/NR Telecommunication Technology


The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a collaboration between groups of telecommunications standards associations. 3GPP standardizes technologies for cellular communications such as 4G standards (LTE, LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro) and next generation 5G standards.

Since our founding, WILUS has been actively participating in 3GPP standardization, providing technologies for 5G NR (New Radio) and 4G/5G operations in unlicensed spectrum based on our outstanding IMT-Advanced standardization experience.

We also contribute to leading 5G standard/technology groups in Korea such as TTA, 5G Forum, and actively collaborate with leading 5G companies for the development of IMT-2020 5G commercial products/services by providing technical support based on our expertise of 3GPP standards.

5G NR (New Radio)

5G New Radio (NR) is the global standard for next generation cellular communication which will address high demand for mobile broadband. It will significantly improve performance, scalability and efficiency for mobile experiences, and connect a multitude of new industries.

WILUS is actively participating in 3GPP standardization activities for 5G NR, contributing to making 5G NR a reality.

  • Fiber-like data speeds
  • Low latency & high reliability for real-time interactivity
  • More consistent performance & flexible framework
  • Massive capacity for unlimited data/connectivity

Scalable OFDM Numerology

Support low-latency, various deployment scenarios

Flexible Slot-based Framework

Self-contained slot structure

Flexible Control Channel

More flexible time-frequency structure

4G/5G in Unlicensed Spectrum

LTE/NR in unlicensed spectrum has been proposed to allow cellular network operators to offload data traffic by aggregating carriers in the unlicensed frequency band.

Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) has been standardized in 3GPP Rel-13 as part of LTE Advanced Pro and provides a unified framework that complies with various regulatory requirements.

NR in unlicensed spectrum (NR-U) technologies are being discussed in 3GPP for Rel-16 standard based on the new NR design.

WILUS has been actively contributing to unlicensed spectrum technology with other companies to make LAA and NR-U proliferate with fair coexistence between Wi-Fi devices.

  • Provides Gbps speeds by aggregating large amounts of spectrum available globally (~500 MHz)
  • Seamless and robust user experience with single unified LTE network of common management plane
  • Fair Wi-Fi coexistence with fundamental coexistence design principle

Supplemental Downlink (SDL)

Boost downlink speed

Listen Before Talk (LBT)

Sharing the channel fairly

Energy Detection (ED) Threshold Adaptation

Maximizing the spatial reuse with coexistence